About Me

I have always been fascinated with photographers. The way they handled their camera, zooming in and out, and I thought this was so cool!

In 2009 , I bought my first camera, Kodak KZ980. I was so impressed with this camera! I started taking random photos, family, landscapes, birds, etc., all for fun.

Until a family member asked me to snap their wedding day and be the driver. For this I borrowed a friend’s camera, did the wedding. A friend gave me a contact of someone who can edit these photos, well most of them at least. The editor, who has become a very good friend, and mentor till today, introduced me then to the world of Photography!

Craig Fortuin, a professional Photographer, who I consider my teacher, has taught me the first and most important aspect about Photography, and I have never forgotten it!

I then purchased my first Nikon, and never looked back! We still collaborate on shoots, I frequent his advice and we share the passion for this fine art.

This has enabled me to explore the world of Photography in the Mother City of Cape Town and beyond, and this is where I am.

Jean-Piere Tobias


Jean-Pierre Tobias